armored vehicles

armored vehicles

vehicle armoring company specialized in the fields of engineering, designing and manufacturing of armored cars, armored trucks, SUV’s and other armored commercial vehicles.
Top Car Armoring provides a full vehicle armoring solution by taking a holistic approach in the design and engineering process.
In addition to armored commercial vehicles, SUV’s and armored sedans, Top Car Armoring also manufactures special purpose vehicles that are custom designed for specific applications.  We have designed and manufactured a large selection of numerous makes & models of quality armored vehicles including Left Hand Drive & Right Hand Drive vehicles, Pickups, Vans, CIT (cash carrying armored trucks), armored cargo transport trucks, armored passenger buses/vans and armored ambulances.

The founder of Top Car Armoring, Mr. Doron Labock, and the company’s experienced team are in this business for over 30 years. This team brings into the company decades of knowledge in armored vehicles and protection solutions, an amazing wealth of knowledge, experience and innovation and supplies hundreds of customized armored vehicles solutions to governments, security companies, police forces, embassies, public and private clients worldwide.

Top Car Armoring performs manufacturing at the highest level. Company’s team includes Engineers, Designers, Leather Workers, Welders, Painters, Electronics specialists and QA Positions.
Top Car Armoring provides armored commercial vehicles to various armor levels, up to NIJ Level III, STANAG Level I and CEN B6. Vehicles retain original look and feel, providing protection to all passengers. We cater to the customer’s specific needs in armor level, number of passengers, and specific optional equipment.


Our Services

provides a full vehicle armoring solution for vehicles, SUV’s and sedans, Pickups, Vans,  cargo transport trucks, passenger buses/vans and ambulances.

The vehicles are being armored with 360°C bulletproof materials, compounded with the most-effective structure, which provides the required protection from one hand, and keeping the vehicle’s weight as low as possible from the other hand.

Armoring process and Specifications

Disassembling Vehicle’s components (Seats, doors and roof cover, electrical system).

Upgrading vehicle’s suspension and brake systems.

Attaching armoring panels.

Installing armored firewall between engine and passengers compartments.

Armoring Fuel tank.

Replacing windows with armored glass.

Reassemble all vehicle’s components.

Installing RunFlat tires.

MPD is a highly efficient and cost effective fully mobile armor solution, instantly creating a personal safety zone inside any vehicle.
MPD fits on any car seat. No structural changes to the vehicle are necessary. car5The device fits onto any car seat as quickly and easily as a child’s safety seat.
MPD’s protects anyone sitting inside it as surely and as safely as if they were in a fully outfitted armored
MPD is the perfect solution for enterprises and organizations operating fleets of vehicles which may not
require permanent protection solutions, but which do require quick fix protection solutions in any one of their vehicles at any given time, at extremely short notice.
MPD is easily and rapidly transferable from one vehicle to another, making it an extremely efficient and cost effective solution.