OMER - 1

The Following features and advantages of OMER1 make it a unique apparatus in its field:

1. Rappelling is done with one hand only
2. Suitable for rappelling with left or right hand

3. Enable controlling the sliding speed
specifications4. Suitable for both types of rappelling: Controlled or Hop-
5. Maximum safety – stops automatically if handle is released
or pressed upon too hard
6. No need for double-length rope. The ropes› length is
similar to the rappelling height.
7. Requires no special knowhow or auxiliary equipment (Gloves
► Weight: 850 gr.
► Material: Aluminum 6061-T6
► Sizes: 10.4 x 2.5 x 27 cm.
► Finish: Black anodize

►Approved for use with up to 1,000 kg load
►Composed of 3 main parts: base, cover and activation
►3 rubbing-pins at the base allow controlling the sliding
Affixing Apparatus:
►Foldable 90° affixing apparatus for flat roofs / where there
is no anchoring for ropes
►Fast Tactical deployment
►L-Shaped locking device
►Anti-Skid Rubber sole
►Comes with a counter-beam for off-the-window sliding

Parts kit